Headed to the Smoky Mountains? Follow This Vacation Checklist to Be Prepared!

The Smoky Mountains are a great location for a family vacation, and considering that there are over 552,000 acres in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, there is so much to see and do.

Interesting Facts About the Great Smoky Mountain Range

The Great Smoky Mountains are located in North Carolina and Tennessee and are the largest mountain range on the East Coast. Tourists from all over flock to the Smokies to see nature at its finest, and in fact, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park boasted the highest visitation numbers of all 59 national parks in 2016 at 11.3 million people.

5 Must See Summertime Smoky Mountain Attractions

Summer is here, and it is time for a family vacation! If you're looking to try something different, look no further than the Smoky Mountains that run through Tennessee and North Carolina. To make your vacation the best it can be, check out the Greystone Lodge on the River and make sure to visit these attractions when visiting the Smokies.

Debunking 4 Common Myths About Vacation Rentals

When it comes to taking a vacation, many people opt for vacation lodge rentals as a nice change of pace from traditional downtown hotels. However, there are many misconceptions about the industry you should be aware of if you're considering taking this route. Here are some common myths about vacation rentals.

Surprise Mom This Mother’s Day with A Gatlinburg Adventure

With easy access to all of the adventures Gatlinburg has to offer and all of the excitement of the city, it is definitely one of the downtown Gatlinburg hotels you should consider for your trip.

Planning a Vacation? Avoid These 3 Disastrous Mistakes

When it comes to planning a vacation, there's so much to remember. You have to figure where you're going, how you're getting there, how long you're staying, and what you'll do when you're there, among many other small details.

A Gatlinburg Easter: Holiday Checklist

If you're in Gatlinburg this Easter weekend, don't miss out on these great events!

Beginner's Guide to Spring Break in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Most people enjoy traveling because it gives them a new perspective of the world and the ability to escape from the stresses of everyday life. For spring breakers in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, here are some of attractions that you definitely don't want to miss while you’re here.

How to Plan a Spring Break in the Smoky Mountains

The Smoky Mountains are one of the most beautiful sights in the country, and Gatlinburg, Tennessee offers countless Smoky Mountains attractions that appeal to all ages at any time of year. One of the best times of year to make a visit to Gatlinburg is for spring break. Planning a spring break retreat with friends is the ultimate way to enjoy the warm weather. Here is a quick list of tips for planning the ultimate getaway to this iconic American travel destination.

Spring Break Guide: Best Smoky Mountain Trails

If you consider yourself to be the outdoorsy type, you probably know all about the Smoky Mountains. Located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, these mountains are renowned for their scenic views and more than 520,000-acre national park. More than 11 million people visit Gatlinburg every year and it makes a great spring break destination for outdoor lovers. If you're in need of a spring break destination, The Greystone Lodge on the River has it all. Here are some of the best trails to hike through at Great Smoky Mountains National Park.